Welcome!!  My name is Gail Heywood and I am the teacher and owner of Heywood Music Studios.   I currently have two studio locations:  in Rudolph (on Main Street) and in  Stevens Point studio (located at Mitchell Piano Works).  I have been teaching since 1983--I absolutely love what I do, and strive to make music lessons a joyful, peaceful, gentle, fun, interesting, and exciting experience for each student.  My real love is teaching quirky, bright kids who won’t make their living as musicians. My adult students include total beginners, avocational pianists who play at an advanced level, and piano teachers who want to improve their own playing. The adults have opportunities to perform for each other…in a low-key, friendly atmosphere. 

At Heywood Music Studios we are more than just private lessons--

  • Group lessons
  • Solid music curriculum for homeschool families (theory, appreciation, history and performance)
  • Local, state and national music competitions
  • Multiple recital opportunities
  • Studio CD recording
  • Performance and college scholarships available
  • Complimentary subscriptions to Piano Explorer Magazine and Piano Maestro App
  • Large music lending library
  • Lots of studio incentives, trophies, prizes!
  • Studio equipped with Yamaha piano/keyboard
  • Fun iPad technology used in lessons!
  • I encourage my students to explore a wide variety of music (pop, jazz, improv, new age--whatever the student expresses a desire to learn!). 
  • I treat each student as an individual and your lesson plan will be designed to fit your individual needs and desires.  No two students are alike!
  • See our students and studio in action on Youtube and Facebook!!

My objective is to help every musician grow to their full potential and discover what makes them unique!  It is my personal goal to provide the finest instruction for each of my students. I provide my students with a positive learning environment with multiple opportunities to explore, through composing, imitating, listening, hands-on, multi-media formats--all of these help the student achieve to their full potential.  Knowing is a process~we will strive together to ENJOY the journey!  At Heywood Studios, students thrive and bloom musically!!

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