Please keep in mind that the decision to begin music lessons with hopes for success requires a commitment - from the teacher, the student and the parent.


Heywood Studios offers traditional piano lessons at all levels and students have the opportunity to learn a wide variety of repertoire from classical, jazz, blues, pop, sacred and much more! Piano students are required to have either an acoustic (fully operational) or digital piano (touch sensitive—or weighted keys) in their home. Digital pianos must have a minimum of 60 keys, music rack, bench, sustain pedal and proper keyboard stand. Piano lessons offered for all ages (3+). Students attend lessons once weekly.

This 'keyboard' is NOT SUITABLE for practicing:


Beginning guitar lessons vary from classical guitar instruction to modern styles such as rock, blues, country, and jazz. Popular areas of study include learning the neck of the guitar, finger picking, alternate picking, chords and scales, reading music on the guitar, learning popular music reading chord charts. Guitar students must have their own acoustic guitar for lessons, a gig bag, guitar strap, picks and extra strings. I recommend buying a guitar tuner, because a beginning guitarist will not be able to tune their guitar independently. Young beginners should not begin lessons on a full size guitar (6-10 year olds ideally should play on either a 1/2 or 3/4 size guitar). I recommend Rogue, Takamine or Washburn guitars (I do not recommend FIRST ACT brand). Guitar lessons are all ages (6+). Students attend lessons once weekly.


Private voice instruction is available at all levels. Lessons range in length from 30 to 60 minutes. The focus in voice lessons is on developing a consistent sense of breath support and clear and open vowel production. Warm-up training and techniques will be utilized in weekly lessons. Repertoire ranges from the standard classics to Broadway, Jazz, Christian, Folk, Art Songs and pop! Warm up recordings will be made available to students (for home use). Students enrolled in voice lessons will need a CD/MP3 recorder, a flash drive, binder for repertoire, and a music stand. Voice students will have the opportunity to participate in local, state, national competitions, area theater productions and the studio will assist in selecting appropriate performance repertoire for all events. By studying with Heywood Studios, accompaniment for recitals, auditions and competitions will be provided at no charge. Voice lessons are for ages (5+). Students attend lessons once weekly.

The home practice area should be well lit (and heated--your child will likely not practice if the instrument is located in a cold, damp, dark basement), and it is imperative for music-reading skills that students have direct light on their music as well as ambient light in the room. Keep pencils near the practice area as well as a CD player and metronome. Voice and guitar students need a music stand. Students will be asked to purchase music periodically (this is not included in the tuition); materials will typically be chosen by the teacher. However, students are encouraged to explore and bring music to their lesson that they wish to study!

Music lessons at Heywood Studios is a year round activity. It is not recommended that students take 'the summer off' as we typically lose much of the skill and knowledge gained during the course of the school year due to 'brain drain'. The summer time is most times a little less hectic and students are able to attend lessons during the day time and I modify their schedule to accommodate family vacations.