Come join my fun summer session! We’ll not only be exploring cool music, there will also be weekly practice prizes and one student will win the grand prize summer basket!

My Concept
Students who pursue their studies year-round experience faster growth and greater achievement. But we know that everyone’s schedules get scrambled in the summer. We want you to be able to choose a schedule of summer lessons that makes sense for your family and fits your interest and goals. Scheduling summer lessons separately from the schoolyear allows us to best reach all our students!

To secure a spot on my fall roster, I require that students register for a minimum of 5 lessons. Please notice that even if you are traveling over the summer, there are several ways to meet the 5-lesson minimum. And with some advance notice, I am also able to reschedule lessons. Here are the different opportunities: available.

PRIVATE LESSONS – Once or Twice a week - 5 or more lessons (30/45/60 minutes) can be scheduled either at a regular or irregular time, to work with your vacation plans.

Benefits of Summer Study


Registration FAQs

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All policies are subject to change.